This interactive map serves as pilot for our study and is based on a survey of housing and neighborhood conditions in a target study area in the Cramer Hill neighborhood of Camden, NJ. When clicking on a house, another window opens up with detailed data on property and streetscape conditions, as well as a link to a current digital photograph. In the next phase of this study, we will collect similar data for the entire Cramer Hill neighborhood, as well as the Cooper Lanning and North Camden Waterfront neighborhoods in Camden City, all of which have received or are about to receive a significant influx of resources. Accordingly, we will update the interactive map to include the expanded study areas and survey/photography data collected. This will complete the baseline housing/neighborhood condition survey for the target neighborhoods. We plan to collect new survey/photography data for the target areas annually to monitor neighborhood change over time. For more information on this study, please visit our website at

Red markers indicate neighborhood assets; Green markers - property survey findings; Blue line segments - Street survey results

(c) The Center for Urban Research and Education (CURE), at Rutgers University - Camden Link to CURE's homepage